My name is Scott Hallam and I run Rekkids and have done since April 2018.

Today is 23rd Feb 2022 and I’d like to clear a few things up and debunk some rumours that are spreading around the web right now.

I’m going to refer to two people as Person A and Person B as for legal reasons I’ve been advised to not use real names.

Person A who may or may not live in the UK thought it would be a good idea to try and buy a couple of hundred pounds worth of records several times over the past 2 weeks using 3 stolen credit cards.

This was caught by myself as the new site has higher levels of security where payments are concerned and having worked for Girobank previously dealing with credit card fraud, I know the ins and outs and tricks people try to use with stolen credit cards.

Person A has now been reported to the Police.


Person B who may or may not live in the UK ignored 3 emails requesting they pay for postage which were sent 4 months prior to this becoming an issue, decided to throw their toys out of the pram and accused me of adding these terms recently to try and scam people.

These terms and conditions have been in place since the start of 2019 and not something that I’ve changed since then but will be doing shortly as the new site doesn’t have a combined order option, instead it has an ‘Add To Existing Order’ which means the first order has postage paid and subsequent orders are merged (a feature I didn’t have on the previous site) as I still believe offering the option to have several records shipped together and saving people money on postage is big benefit to a lot of people.

People read and believe what they want to believe on the internet, so I’ll just say this;

Think about your dealings with me, have you had any issues that would make you not wish to shop at Rekkids, if you can answer yes I’d be very surprised as 99% of people do respond to emails, pay postage costs and have had their orders shipped out quickly with the only issue of delays from pressing plants which is out of my control.

Having an active Discogs account over the last year or so as seller I’ve built up a 450+ positive feedback score and let me tell you Discogs customers (the majority of which I don’t know) are the first to mention an issue and wouldn’t hesitate to leave negative feedback, so that goes to show I’m doing it right.


I’ve always said it’s up to you where you shop and I tag people on Facebook when I post new releases and pre-orders as it might be of interest if they’ve bought from the same artist/label/style before.

If this bothers you please message me and say “please don’t tag me” and I’ll remove you from my tag list.

Similarly if you don’t wish to remain on the Rekkids mailing list for New Releases and Presales there’s an unsubscribe option.

I won’t be “begging” for anyone’s custom as I sell via Rekkids, Discogs and now eBay.

If you continue to shop at Rekkids great, if not, no problem.



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